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If you have a project that you need us to help you with, simply drag & drop the data in the box below and we shall be in touch. List of data we accept are:  3D Data – 1. STP   2. IGS   3. CATIA  2D Data – 1. DWG   2. DXF.
We do also accept all microsoft office data. 

For more accurate quotations please include your press details or state your nominated press shut height, press bed/ram size length & width and the presses maximum tonnage.

What we will quote;
1. Full Turnkey Tooling Packages (from tool design to home line commission anywhere in Europe)
2. Tool Design
3. Tool & Gauge Manufacture (you provide your own design, project management, shipping etc)
4. Project Management (details required – country of tool manufacture, number of tools/gauages)
5. Consultancy
6. Component Manufacture

Pressing & Stamping Tools – Progressive Tools, Transfer Tools, Draw Tools, Form Tools, Trim Tools, Tandem Tools, for Automotive body in white, bracketry, crossmember, structal, white goods, electrical, all metal industries.


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